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Diet, Maxillofacial morphology and Oral health

Based on the previous studies (Ito et al, 1982; Inoue, 1986; Ito et al, 1988; Inoue, 1995) our guideline for oral health promotion was created. At the first stage, the suckling period, breast feeding is recommended.  At the second step, that of transition from milk to solid food, a "natural weaning" is recommended, through introduction of different foods at the proper time. At third step, after about three years of age when the deciduous dentition is completed, a good dietary regime should be established.

In the previous study it was suggested that children who had ordinary family food introduced as finger food, rather than pureed or liquid baby food, would have developmental space at age 4. The main dietary instructions described above are important not only for the masticatory system but for the life-long health of the whole body. Experiences in early life influence later dietary regimes (Westenhoefer, 2001) and could help decrease metabolic risk factors leading to obesity and obesity-related disease (Rolland-Cachera et al, 1997; James, et al, 1998; Pereira, 2001).
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